Cooperative Profile

Name: CLAVERIA GRASSROOTS MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE Address: Centro 3, Claveria, Cagayan, Philippines 3519 E-mail Address: Telephone No.: (078)-395-0090 Mobile No.: 0908-535-9000


“A progressive, financially stable, viable and globally competitive e-cooperative, responsive to empowered, God-loving members enjoying a just and environment friendly community.”


“To ensure the socio-economic viability and sustainability of the cooperative and to improve the quality of life of its members and the community.”


Claveria, one of the 29 municipalities of the province of Cagayan, is among the few places in the Philippines, blessed with a wealth of scenery; vast natural resources; and industrious, hardworking people earnestly engaged in agriculture, industry and business for the rapid growth and prosperity of the place. It has 41 barangays with comparatively normal peace and order situation.

The municipality has kept pace with the progress and development of society. With its multi-millionaire financing institutions, agri-business and industrial activities have been stirred for economic growth. More projects and programs have been financed and established in support to existing resources which redound to uplift the life of the people, not only in Claveria but also in nearby municipalities.

In the early 1970’s, many Claverianos were over-burdened by socio–economic difficulties more so with those in the depressed and remote barangays. This situation was aggravated by series of natural calamities which devastated crops, houses and infrastructures that cost thousands or even millions of pesos.

Solution was a must, to address the situation so through the initiative of Mrs. Petrona E. Aguinaldo, a nurse and her husband Juan Aguinaldo, a former teacher, the Claveria Grassroots Credit Cooperative Incorporated was organized on August 6, 1972. Their concern and commitment to assist the Grassroots was complemented morally and supplemented financially by a very dedicated and service-oriented German-Priest, Fr. Edward Prawdzik, SVD, who was then the Parish Priest of Claveria. He was also the treasure keeper of the cooperative during its early stage.

The cooperative started with an initial operating capital of P 1,128.00 with 28 members. Mrs. Petrona Aguinaldo acted as the President and General Manager, with only one employee who received P 50.00 a month for a salary. The Board of Directors and members of the three committees namely Credit, Education and Supervisory rendered their services without monetary remuneration.

From the beginning the cooperative stressed to the people that no member has to be accepted unless he has undergone a pre-membership seminar, in order to inculcate in his mind the flow of operation of cooperatives, his rights and privileges, his duties and responsibilities and to make him aware of the different functions of the officers and staff of the cooperative. Conscious of the fact that people deserve to be respected and be given utmost professionalism, officers and employees deal with members fair and square considering primordial regard to the values of honesty and integrity in the transaction of all businesses. As a result, mutual trust and respect between Coop officers, staff and members was established this in turn provided for a smooth transaction of activities.

Initially, only savings and credit services were offered but as years went by, there was a necessity of increasing the scope of services and venturing other business areas in order to cater the growing needs of members. So, aside from credit services wherein different kinds of loans were granted, several services were opened like Consumers, Producers and Marketing Services which include merchandizing/retailing of basic commodities: groceries, appliances, school and office supplies, pharmaceuticals/medicines, production of quality swine breeders, fatteners, farm inputs, agricultural supplies and veterinary products as well as electrical items, palay trading and palay mechanical drying. Allied services such as the Gasoline Station, caters to the needs of the members such as fuel and lubricants. Other services include Internet Café, trucking and convenient multi-purpose hall for conferences, meetings, socials, seminars and special occasions. Area of operation also expanded, thereby increasing membership and members’ portfolio significantly. In 2016, considering that nearby cemeteries are already congested the cooperative started operating the Claveria Grassroots Memorial Park to provide members and their family with safe and peaceful haven in their afterlife.

Moreover, the cooperative was also involved in community services, some of which include participation in the clean and green program of the municipality, extension of calamity assistance to typhoon devastated and affected areas, extension of medical assistance to government and non-government special programs, participation in the SPES Program of the DOLE, acceptance of students for On the Job Training (OJT), extension of technical and financial assistance to various development programs, projects and activities of the municipality, barangays, schools and religious organization, advocacy to nutrition and health programs particularly by establishing a community radio station in partnership the Local Government and Municipal Nutrition Council and participation during festivals, fiestas and other similar activities.

On May 8, 1988 the name was changed into Claveria Grassroots Multi-Purpose Cooperative Incorporated and duly registered with the Department of Agriculture with Certificate of Registration No. FF 487-RR. Upon the mandate of Executive Order No. 898, the cooperative was confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority with Confirmation No. 1187 on April 11, 1991 and was re-registered on November 11, 2009 with Confirmation No. 9520-02002109 in compliance with RA 9520. At present, the cooperative has established linkage with various national and local coop federations and unions in order to avail various training and development programs for officers and employees and also to achieve institutional development.

The continuing growth and success of the cooperative has not been achieved if not of the dedicated, committed and service-oriented management staff headed by the General Manager, officers who are doing well their duties and responsibilities and the general membership represented by the Board of Directors who formulate the policies and guidelines that govern the smooth and honest operation of the cooperative.

As the cooperative continue to grow and keep pace with the advancement of technology and automation, it is racing at par with other primary cooperatives in the country. It’s undaunted liquidity and supreme management has propelled it to harvest awards, citations and recognitions.

At present, the cooperative in its majestic edifice at the heart of the town of Claveria, stands still continuing its mission to meet the socio-economic needs of members by providing quality financial, agricultural, social and other allied services with utmost efficiency and stays vigilant in the realization of its vision of a progressive and financially stable and viable e-cooperative.


A. Total Membership (as of December 31, 2016) Regular 12,327 Associate 153 Total 12,480 B. Present Membership/Linkages/Affiliations: NAME YEAR / AFFILIATED
    1. Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
    2. Municipal Cooperative Development Council
    3. CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative 2012
    4. Metro South Cooperative Bank 2006
    5. National Confederation of Cooperatives 2009
    6. Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperatives and Development Center 2014
    7. Northern Philippines Cooperative Union 2016
    8. Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives 2014
  • ATM & POS
  •  CONSUMERS DEPARTMENT(Wholesale and retail of commodity items, Pharmacy, RTW, School & Office supplies, Appliances)
  •  MARKETING DEPARTMENT(Agricultural and construction supplies, Palay trading, Gasoline station, One-Stop Shoppe)