How to Become A Member

  1. Accomplish the Membership Application Form and Personal Data Sheet (CGMPC Form 1A and 1B).
  2. Applicant should submit the following requirements: · Barangay Clearance · Community Tax Certificate or any Government Issued ID
  3.  Pay the membership fee of P150.00.
  4. Attend the Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES). Applicants will be oriented with the rights and obligations of a member as well as Cooperative Principles. Applicants will also be informed about the products and services of the Cooperative.
  5. The membership application will be subjected for approval by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative. The applicant will be notified upon approval of his/her application.
  6. After approval of the application, the applicant can already deposit his/her share capital, pay P75.00 for ID card, and P400.00 for Death Benefit Fund.


  • The membership fee is valid for six (6) months after approval of the application for membership.
  • The PMES Certificate is valid for one (1) year
  • Types of membership: (a) regular member and (b) associate member.
  • The Claveria Grassroots Laboratory Cooperative is also accepting applications for membership. Applicants must be 7 to 17 years old.
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