Coop Assurance Center


The Claveria GRASSROOTS Multi-Purpose Cooperative is one of the Coop Assurance Centers (CAC) of CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative nationwide. It was conceived and finally planned through the joint efforts of the honorable Board of Directors and the Management last December, 2012. Operations officially started and implemented on January 2, 2013.

Aware of the challenges brought about not only by its increasingly diversified operations but also to keep pace with the technological advancements and economic shifts taking place in the locality, the Cooperative had to come up into a decision of venturing into another endeavor – the Insurance. It is along this contention that the Claveria Grassroots Multi-Purpose Cooperative had come up into an agreement with Climbs Life and General Insurance Cooperative with a common goal of topping the insurance industry nationwide.

Generally, our mission is to offer our customer-member with the best insurance services. We exist in the industry to attract and maintain customers. As we hold on to this belief, everything falls into place and our services meet and even surpass the expectations of our customers.

Our vision is to provide the entire Claveria and nearby towns such as Sta. Praxedes, Sanchez Mira and Calanasan of Apayao Province, an insurance service that gives them the assurance that they can easily get their claims toward unnecessary incidents. We give them the full confidence that they can be paid off in exchange of the service they anticipate from us. Our marketing challenge is to let them feel that we can easily meet their expectations as the need arises.

While the Cooperative had achieved so much since its establishment—as evidenced by services and products diversification, the string of awards, recognitions and citations it has received—more effective and efficient strategies have been continuously pursued by the Cooperative officers and staff, and the general membership have been working hand in hand to manage its wide array of business.


Products and services presentation to the different elementary and secondary schools of Claveria is one way of getting our customers’ confidence to purchase their insurance from us. The Student Group Accident Insurance Plan (SGAIP), an insurance product especially designed for students, is a very recommendable product both for public and private schools because of its unique benefits and features with a very affordable premium.

Another means of marketing our products is through written advertisements like the tarpaulin. With this visible material, people see what we can offer them and what they can get from us. Furthermore, flyers are being distributed through the different business establishments of our Cooperative, hand-in-hand with the Accredited Insurance Agents who have undergone training during our Agents’ Training and Accreditation held last May 18, 2013.

Radio broadcasting through Radyo Kalugaran FM station is also another means of marketing our product to the whole citizenry of Claveria. Through periodic radio announcements, the community is aware of the new products and services the Cooperative is offering.

The Education and Training Committee also helps in promoting the different insurance products during the Pre-membership Education Seminar and the Ownership Seminar. With these marketing strategies, we are very much confident that in the future, we will be able to establish our own identity in the market. And above all, the most effective way of promoting our very own products and services is our day-to-day communication with the members whom we meet along our ways.